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Over twenty-three years of working with children from the communities, and produced 

alumni working in various fields.




Principal's Message

At LCA, we believe every child matters. With this thought in mind LCA was established in 1997, with a vision to reach out to children who aren't able to access education due to difficult backgrounds or cognitive challenges. 

We are a team of teachers and staff committed to this cause, pursuing it passionately. Over a course of twenty-three years of great work, we have managed to learn and gather valuable experience of working with children from the communities, and produced some fine alumni who are working in various fields. 

Along with being mindful of lessons learnt from this rich experience, we believe in constantly upgrading ourselves and the school to keep pace with the times. We keep indulging in novel teacher's trainings, reworking and adding to our infrastructure, updating our curriculum, and getting new technology on-board. 

We continue to strive to provide the best possible to our children to help them grow in wisdom and enable them to access all the opportunities in the society as equals, thereby creating a just society. 

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