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Over twenty-three years of working with children from the communities, and produced 

alumni working in various fields.




Principal's Message

At LCA, we believe every child matters. With this principle in mind, LCA was founded in 1997 with the aim of providing education to children facing obstacles in the form of challenging backgrounds and cognitive limitations. 

We are a dedicated team of teachers and staff who passionately pursue this cause. Over the course of more than two decades of impactful work, we have accumulated valuable experience working with children from the local communities. As a result, we have produced accomplished alumni who have overcome various challenges and have become established artists and professionals both within the country and abroad.

While cherishing the valuable lessons we've learned, we remain committed to continuous improvement for both ourselves and our school, aligning with the evolving times. Our dedication is evident in our ongoing pursuit of teacher training programs, infrastructure enhancements, curriculum updates, and the integration of cutting-edge technology into our educational approach.

One notable example is Eduten, an AI-powered math learning platform developed on research done by the University of Turku, Finland. It provides a comprehensive weekly program with numerous engaging math tasks to support students in skill development.

We foster active collaboration with other NGOs and schools, ensuring that our children are exposed to various opportunities. Our ongoing commitment is to provide our children with the best resources to help them grow in wisdom and access all societal opportunities as equals, ultimately working towards a more just society.

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