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Olympiads- To encourage the spirit of competitiveness and to deepen the subject understanding, students at LCA take part in Olympiad exams conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation, an organization with its presence in 30 countries across the globe to promote science, mathematics, general knowledge, introductory computer education and English language skills among school children through various Olympiad examinations.

Extracurricular Activities- Heavy emphasis is laid on extracurricular to enable a holistic development of the children. We hold a range of activities such as stage play, nukkad naatak, scouting, gardening and singing to help our students explore their potential in different areas, and give them a platform to showcase their talents.

Teachers' Trainings- In LCA, learning is a constant process for students and teachers alike. Teachers' trainings are regularly held by avant-garde professionals in the field of education.

Club Activities- Co-scholastic activities like scouting, gardening, crafts club, book club, brain sports club, etc., are available for the children to develop their cognitive abilities & new skills, and learn values like team work & discipline in the process. Workshops are conducted by guests periodically.

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