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COVID19: How is LCA Tackling the Academic Challenges?

Never before the world was in a situation such as this, and it was but obvious that measures to combat the challenges arising out of it, too, needed to be unique and innovative. We are making use of technology in the most effective way possible to reach out to our students during this nationwide lockdown and ensure that learning never stops! 

With the change of teaching platform, we have adapted to new teaching tools and strategies. Here we have description of what and how we are teaching during this lockdown.


  • Online Classes on Zoom:  These classes are conducted five days a week. Children and their parents have been trained and counseled on how-to of the internet platform.

  • YouTube Channel of the School: There are always few children who will find it challenging to grasp the concept taught during the online session and would need another session. To solve this problem, teachers make video of explanation and upload it on school’s youTube channel which is started recently just for this purpose. 

  • Subject wise WhatsApp Groups: Each class is part of subject wise WhatsApp groups where subject relevant teaching material is provided, doubts are clarified and submitted assignments are discussed.

  • Teaching Videos for Reference and Self Learning: Those who are not able to connect due to some reasons are taught with the help of teaching videos that we're making on various topics. This ensures those who could not connect are also able to watch and learn. 

  • Text-to-Audio Stories: We are creating audio library of our textbook stories. These stories are posted in the group after the teacher has explained the story. Question-answers are discussed post audio session. This helps students learn the correct pronunciation while enjoying the story.

  • Object Learning Evolving Keen Observers: We have departed from textbook learning to learning from our surroundings. Teachers are using day-to-day ordinary objects to teach maths and language. This is especially useful while teaching the kindergarteners. They love exploring colors, identifying objects by their names and figuring out shapes of things they see at home. All this is helping them become conscious and a keen observer of their environment.

  • Prodigy: An Online Maths Game: Maths needs lot of practice, which is one of the reasons why kids think it is boring. Prodigy is a gaming platform where children solve mathematical problems while in combat with an enemy. It is AI based and adjusts the level of difficulty for each child separately. Topic and types/number of mathematical problems is determined by teacher. Now children can practice Maths from anywhere.

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